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How to Use iTools

Welcome to the iTools Quick Start Guide. Here you can get all the tutorials on how to handle your digital content or apps between iOS devices, iOS devices & Mac/Windows directly. If your question or problem cannot be solved here, please Contact our support team (usually, you will get a response within 24 hours).

How to backup Apps on iPhone

As your iOS device storage grows, more and more apps are available for download, and batch management and backups become necessary. More iDevice users have the habit of backing up iPhone applications to their computer, in case of an emergency.

iTools can not only manage and backup the apps on your iDevice in batch, but also install the downloaded IPA file and check the related files of the app. iTools supports all the iPhone models including iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13 models, and all iPad, iPod devices. It is also compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

Are you interested in the one-click solution for backup Apps on your iDevice? Download iTools (iTools for Windows and iTools for Mac) to just give it a try.

Connect your device

Run iTools on your computer. After successfully installed, connect your iDevice to the computer.

iTools can automatically identify your iDevice. If you didn’t connect your device to the computer or your iDevice can not recognize, you will see the “Connected but can’t recognize” message display on your interface.

Some issues for unable to identify the device:

  1. Abnormal USB cable and interface. You need to change another USB cable to insert again or change another USB interface.
  2. Driving component problems. You need to fix the driver.
  3. For any other issue, you can contact us for solutions.

After connecting your device successfully, click Device> Apps> iOS Apps.

Now you can see the interface with your device app list.

Check and Edit Apps

Check: you can see the Apps’ name, version, App size, and data size.

For more information about “document” documents of Apps, check “Files”.

If you like to know the App comes from, find the reference below the App’s name.


Click the “install” to install Apps, you can select an IPA file on a computer to install.

The installation would fail If the IPA file version is too old or damaged.

Export/one-click backup

Select one or more additional Apps.

Click the “Export” button to start the backup program.

If you haven’t login your Apple ID on iTools, you have to sign in with your Apple ID first.

iTools need to re-request this app's information through your ID and help you save it locally.

iTools will not remember your login information if you only use them once. So take it easy and fill in your Apple ID.

If your application comes with a document, it will be exported with the application. If the "document" button is grayed out, it means you can only save your app without the document.

Delete Apps

Click the box in front of the App you need to delete or press the “Ctrl” key on the keyboard to select more, then click the uninstall button to delete the unneeded Apps.

You can also right-click to delete it after you selected the App.

Refresh Apps

Click the “Refresh” option to recover the up-to-date information of the App on your device.

You can also right-click and refresh it after you selected the App.

Search Apps

If you want to search for the App you need fast from all kinds of Apps on your device, click the search frame and type the name of the App in need.

iTools can backup Apps from your iPhone to your computer with one click. It can also help you to manage your Apps on your iPhone in an easy way. iTools are compatible with all iOS devices including the latest iPhone 13 models, iPad, and iPods. This tool always helps you to backup and manage Apps on your iOS device as you like. Feel free to share this article with your friend, if you find this is usefull for you.

Please contact us for any other problems with iTools you find while processing.