iTools Guide

How to Use iTools

Welcome to the iTools Quick Start Guide. Here you can get all the tutorials on how to handle your digital content or apps between iOS devices, iOS devices & Mac/Windows directly. If your question or problem cannot be solved here, please Contact our support team (usually, you will get a response within 24 hours).

Transfer books from iPhone to PC

Most people like to do some readings daily. Reading on your iPhone can be quite efficient because you can always catch a pocket of time to read anywhere at any time. If you want to read on a bigger screen or just a backup of those books on your PC? Then you want to transfer your favorite books from your iPhone to your computer.

iTools is an administrative tool to manage the content from iOS devices. You can backup or transfer music, videos, books, Apps, files, and documents from any iOS device to Windows and Mac computers within just a few clicks. It is an easy-to-use tool for all new and advanced users.

If you synchronize the videos, music, and books to your iDevice through iTunes, all the files on your iOS device will overwrite. With the help of iTools, you can transfer the books or files stored in iTunes to a PC or iOS device and avoid any data loss.

TTry iTools for Windows download and iTools for Mac download.

Connect your device

Start iTools on your computer and connect your iOS device after successfully installed.

iTools can automatically detect your iOS device. If you didn’t connect your device properly or can not recognize your iOS device, you will see “Connected but can’t recognize” on your interface.

Some issues for unable to recognize the device:

  1. Abnormal USB cable and interface. You need to change the USB cable or change another USB interface.
  2. Driving component issues. You need to fix the driver.
  3. Contact us for any other issue for a solution.

After connecting successfully, click Device> Books> iBooks.

All the books downloaded from iTunes and imported from other devices will display on this list. You can see all the information including the name, author, genre, rating, and size of the book clearly on the list.

Import Books

To import books from your PC to your iPhone, click the “Import” button and select the book you want from the location of the book. The file format can be PDF, pdf, epub, and pdf.

Export Books

You can export all the books to the PC. Click on the box before the name of the book and click the “Export” button to export the book. If you want to export all the books on the list, click the box on the top and click the “Export” button. Then you can export all the books once and transfer books selectively, or backup all the iBooks with just a single click.

Search Books

Just click the search frame and search for the book you need to find the book quickly from the overmuch books on your iOS device.

Delete Books

Select the book from the list and click the “Delete” button to delete unnecessary books quickly.

iTools is a professional manager for all the iPhones, iPod, and iPad users and far beyond an iPhone data transfer. Use iTools to make your Apple life much easier.

Contact us for solutions while you face any issues during the process.