The latest addition in the iTools family is the iTools 4 which is a much more developed and much more user–friendly addition. This latest version is mainly targeted at the iOS 15 operating system nevertheless it is compatible with many iPhones as well.

When talking about iTools 4 many things are to be discussed but the most important is taken by the AirPlayer option which has been provided by the developers. It adds more color to the term “file managing”.

System Requirements for iTools 4

  • Windows: Windows XP up to Windows 11 including Windows Vista (Compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Mac: Mac OSX 10.8 and above
  • RAM: 256 MB or higher
  • CPU: 750MHz AMD, Intel
  • Disk Space: At least 50 MB
System Requirements for iTools 4

What is iTools 4?

iTools 4 is the latest release of the iTools iPhone management tool. It is a similar application for Apple iTunes. iTools 4 is specially developed for iOS device users and works as an alternative tool for all the iDevices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This tool is flexible in the features which you normally will not find in iTunes.

It gives you more advantage over iTunes. iTunes is known for its multimedia facility where you can manage and download your device's media features. In comparison, iTools 4 provide some best features like AirPlayer, file backup, ringtone maker features, and a lot more.

What is iTools 4 Download

You might need this application if you were to take a look at the following uses:

  • Restore the music and other media files that are available in the iDevice
  • Backup your files
  • Drag and drop, copy and paste and other useful options.

Here are the reasons for iTools 4 being called a user–friendly system:

  • iTools 4 is a free download application to Windows or Mac devices.
  • Compatible with the iDevices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • It does not ask for Apple ID or password to function, which makes it safe.

What are the compatible devices for iTools 4?

All the devices from iPhone 1 to iPhone 12 Pro Max are compatible with iTools 4.

It also supports the latest iPod devices and even iPads too. It deliberately functions in all types of iDevices both new and old and provides you the best experience in using whatever type of phone you are using.

Why download iTools 4?

Anyone who needs to manage their iPhone, iPad, and iPod well can download iTools for free. It's inspired by everything good in iTunes but offers a better framework in terms of functionality. The management needs of iOS indeed seem different. But the advantage of iTools free Download is that it can meet everyone's needs with the same set of tools. So when you are privileged with iTools, you have the right to all iTools tools to use when you need them. Unlike iTunes, you are not forced by anyone here and you become completely free in the interface.

iTools 4 download is software that comes with various tools rather than iTools 3. And when it's completely free, you can easily backup/restore data, try manual firmware upgrades, manage desktops, transfer data to any computer, enjoy Enjoy customization features, battery management, and more for the measurements you need. So with iTools 4, the updated version here, you all get an upgraded framework with the best compatibility with the latest iOS 15. For you to understand what they are, here are the iTools 4 unique features.

iTools 4 features

The best file managing system that has ever been introduced to iDevices is iTools. Given the overwhelming reputation all over the world, the iTools developers have introduced very special features to work on their version for the iPhone 12 series.

smart backup or restore feature

Back up and restore with the iTools 4 version allows you to backup and restore your iPhone, iPod, and iPod touch data. All you need to do is select the files and folders that you need to backup and click the backup button and restore the backed-up data with the restore button on the iTools menus.

iTools AirPlayer

AirPlayer Download is a special tool that has been introduced. With AirPlayer you get to connect your iPhone or iPad with the computer as well as with other connected devices. Want to share your computer screen with your colleagues at the meeting? Do not worry because iTools AirPlayer will officially save the day!

iTools image tool

Image tool enables the use of high–resolution images on your phone and your computer. The iTools connectivity grants you the opportunity to share images between the two devices. You can now have your albums on your iPhone or iPad.

iTools battery master

Battery master is one of the latest additions to iTools 4 that has been added to enhance the convenience of using. With this, you get the chance to check the battery status on your device and customize the settings to increase battery health.

iTools data migration

The data transferring and managing tool is the specialty tool that handles all the file managing processes in iTools. This helps you to manage not only files but also images, videos, songs, and many more.

iTools ringtone maker

Ringtone maker helps you to set your own desired song or other media as the ringtone. With iTools4 you do not have to keep stuck with the ones that are offered to you but make your ones.

iTools file manager

iTools file manager is built to simply manage all your file on multiple devices. You can create separate files and folders to organize the details in the file manager. It is easy to use and can access whenever you require your saved files. You also can easily drag and drop files into the folder while accessing it from the PC.

iTools icon arranger

Icon Arranger helps you manage icons on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod screen. If you have hundreds of icons on your desktop, you can manage them through your PC's widescreen display. If needed, you can remove any icon from your desktop using this icon manager tool.

iTools simulate location feature

iTools virtual location feature gives a better experience for iOS users gets the feature to fake GPS location on iPhone. And also you can simply recover the real location by just restarting your iDevice.

How to download iTools 4?

Downloading the latest iTools version is very easy. You can visit the official website of iTools and get a direct link to iTools 4 from them. And with them, you can get the iTools download for free.

The system is entirely user-friendly and has a very convenient and easy-to-use interface too. It provides the users the ability to control and manage media as well as other files in their mobiles easily with their personal computers.

You can follow the following 2 different ways to download and install iTools 4 to your device.

iTools 4 download for windows

iTools works on both Windows and Mac. But to avoid errors, check the system requirements on Windows XP to Windows 11 versions or Vista versions. Since iTools promises the best support here, you don't have to worry about possible connection problems anymore. iTools iOS 15 for Windows will be compatible with all 64-bit devices running iOS 15 and other devices corresponding to the firmware socket.

Compatible Windows versions

See the compatible iDevices for ITools Windows

Download iTools 4 for Windows

iTools 4 download for Mac

Better than iTools for Windows, iTools works well on Mac operating system. The Mac version of iTools is specially designed to manage iOS devices with Macintosh computers and laptops. You can have a fast and secure iOS management experience with the iTools Mac version. Download the tool for Mac and enjoy the great benefits.

Compatible Macintosh versions

See the compatible iDevices for iTools Mac

Download iTools 4 for Mac

Is iTools 4 free for its users?

Do you want to know if this alternative is free?

Yes, the iTools 4 app is free. The iTools 2022 downloads, as well as the iTool download, are both free

The difference between iTools 3.0 download and iTools 4 is that the latter is the major version. It is well-reviewed as a free application for Windows operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit). ITools 64-bit is a version designed for 64-bit Windows and Mac computers.

Is iTools 4 a mobile app?

Well, this is a definite FAQ given that many people tend to believe that with the features provided by iTools, it is going to be a mobile app. But NO, it is not a mobile application. Just like the previous iTools versions you have to get this on the computer because it is a computer-based system.

The iTools system has to be downloaded to the PC and then you can simply connect to your iPhone or iPad or iPod and then manage your device and customize it as much as you like

What is the iTools 4 English version?

In the beginning, iTools Download introduces itself as a Chinese application. But as a result of the urge of the community, it was improved to the iTools English download. When you download the latest iTools 4, it will reach with simple English guidelines.

iTools 4 for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro

iTools 4 for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro

The latest available version of the iPhone family is the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro. Providing you with the capacity of much greater internal memory along with features that are not similar to any device so far, it is the hottie in the phone world. However, iTools 4 does not support the latest iPhone devices. But we hope that iTools 4 iPhone 13 and 13 Pro will be developed soon.

The latest version of iTools iPhone 12 Pro Max and iTools iPhone 12 Pro is even more popular as iTools is the only reliable file manager developed so far. The features provided by iTools iPhone 12 Pro and iTools iPhone 12 Pro Max are unmatched compared to other iTools that have been released.

The iTools is the best file managing system that you can ever find to manage the operating system that is strictly developed by Apple. iTools was developed to work just as the same as iTunes but above it. iTools is much more user-friendly and manageable given that iTunes is simply something that is filled with restrictions.

iTools 4 for iOS 15

iTools is compatible with the latest iOS version, iOS 15. You may know that iPhone got new features with iTools 4 iOS 15. So iTools iOS 15 also updated its features to work with iOS 15. You can share files quickly, phone optimization tools like overall battery, icon layout with new app icons, etc. So manage your latest iPhone even if you are using iPhone 12 Pro Max with this iTools iOS 15.0 software.

Do you have to jailbreak your phone to get iTools 4 workings?

This is a definite NO. There is no such requirement with the iTools; there has never been and we can believe that there will never be as well. This is the very first reason that puts iTools in the must-use applications list when it comes to managing your iDevice. It is completely secure and you can use it while keeping the software of your system.

You can get iTools 4 to work while your phone is completely safe. No jailbreaking is required!

There is no other system that has been introduced for iDevices that work with the original security system while allowing you to manage the phone as you desire.

This allows you to not only use your phone with ease but also to use it without stress. Well, jailbreaking is not illegal but it has its consequences (both good and bad), but iTools provides you with the ability to not take such risky steps.

Developer Credits

iTools 4 Download is developed and offered by ThinkSky Co. Ltd. Therefore, all credits go to ThinkSky for bringing into pass such a shielding utility to manage iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.