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Many people love iOS devices and the article here is about an app that will make things more comfortable with an app specially designed for iOS devices. With iTools English, you can try it with iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch devices. iTunes is the original app for iOS devices, and now things have become more comfortable with the iTools Windows English app.

iTools is the advanced version of iTunes. Everything can be done more comfortably than iTunes with the iTools app. iTools 2022 works on jailbroken as well as non-jailbroken devices. Many people have been having difficulty using the iTunes app and these iTunes users are looking for an alternative. Instead, iTools was made available to iDevice users.

iTools iPhone is a free application that allows you to modify your iDevice. It comes with an apple-free user interface. The default language of iTools will be changed to the English language. Therefore, this tool is provided as an iTools application in English.

What are the best features of the iTools English application?

You will find it effortless to get moving with handling all files that are available on your device with this Download iTools English version. It is very easy to install apps and games from Apple Store. You can install any application you want and also you can uninstall them if you want.

The other important feature is that you can create backups and data can be shared between your iOS device and the other devices. And also framework can be updated and there is the option to optimize the device performance by clearing up the device memory and power saving your battery.

iTools 3 English download can manage all the contacts, images, videos, music, books, documents, and even Apps on your iOS device. iTools Airplay English is the other most important feature provided by iTools. You could also make unique ringtones just by using a ringtone maker. Pick your favorite song and convert it to a tone. These are some of the best features that the iTools in English application brings you.

You can also make changes to your iPhone themes and wallpapers. iTools is the best way to manage your iDevice and its advanced features are simply incredible. The iTools iOS is all about managing data on your iDevice. iTools English latest version also gets you upgraded from time to time and is compatible with all versions of iOS devices.

How to use the iTools English version?

Here is the simple guide that you should follow when using iTools English.

System requirement for iTools English download

iTools English is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. The app is available in Chines and it has developed by Thinksky. But now it is available as iTools Chinese to English and many other 13 languages.

Windows - Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11 Mac - Mac OSX 10.8 and above

Compatible iDevice for iTools English Download free

Steps to Download iTools English version