iTools Download for your Windows and Mac devices

Wondering what on Earth we are talking about? Never heard of the term before? Do not worry because this article will walk you down the lane to understand everything that is there to know about iTools Download for iPhone.

But if you are an Apple user, you definitely know about iTunes, right? For everyone who is really tired of using it in their devices, what is your next option for all those media features? Are you just going to give up on everything and even sell your iPhone and buy an Android device?

Using a device when it is too hard to handle could be one heck of a burden and do not think that we do not understand that.

But rest assured there is going to be a better option with iTools Download than you ever wished for. Let me put it this way. There is absolutely nothing to worry about it anymore. The answer to all those problems you had with it is finally here!

This is the complete guide for you to learn and start using this amazing application today!

What is iTools download?

This is an application that works as a substitute (a much better one) for the official iTunes that comes in the iDevices. The official one is available in all of the apple devices and works as a multimedia platform. Well, this new substitute works in the very same way and supports all the devices that are supported by the official system. iTools supports everything that you got to do with the official package.

iTools was developed to support the management and sort the files in the apple devices through your computers.

The newest version of the iTools 4 for the year 2019 is up and about now and is being used by many as well. There are no restrictions and no requirements other than your operating system being compatible to run this. It is completely free and is very much easy to use.

Why should you use iTools Download?

Well, some of you may get this question and it is completely okay to get it as well. Why should you really be using an alternative like iTools Download instead of the official version? What does it have over the original one? What makes iTools Download any better?

The answer here is very simple. But let me ask a question first.

If you are an Apple user then you probably have used their embedded multimedia platform, right?

Were you happy with it? Was it any easy to use? Did the system put your ease in the top of their priorities?

Did apple ever do that? Keeping the user-friendliness over their advanced scripts? No need to answer that but anyone who has used iTunes even once in their life knows how hard it is to manage it.

iTools Download free platform stands on the top of the list for its user-friendliness. It has been developed by considering the user as a top priority rather than giving their software systems the major position. There are other features that are provided by this system as well and those shall be discussed later in this article.

In a later section, we shall be talking about the iTools Download features which are some amazing features that you really have to know

How does iTools Download work?

As was mentioned above, iTools Download is a system that was developed to support the managing of all the apple devices through your PC. This has been greatly motivated with the unavailability of the user-friendliness or the capability to upload, download or manage files within the original iTunes. Though it was a security measure, many users find it pretty irritating that their songs and other multimedia stuff cannot be easily used by them.

iTools is more than just easy to use. It provides the fastest uploading and downloading of files to and from your device. This is the best application that you should be using when shifting your songs or movies collection from or to your mobile. To use iTools you have to first download it on a computer. The initial versions supported only MacBook but the latest ones are dedicated to Windows as well, Yei!

The Functionality of iTools Download is pretty simple. Once you download it on to the computer it automatically recognizes the nearby apple devices. Hence you can connect your device with the iTools application and start sharing files with ease!

What are the iTools features?

iTools is developed with so many amazing features to help users get the feeling of a complete operating system management. It is dedicated to provide you the best user experience ever and all the features of iTools definitely satisfies the users in the best way it can.

Without further rumbling let us introduce you all the best things that you get with iTools 4:

  1. It is completely free and is not just limited to iTools 4. You can get it from the internet and install it directly on your PC.
  2. It also allows you to completely backup with their iTools Download backup and restores feature
  3. iTools AirPlayer allows you to connect your device with other systems. Hence with this, you can share the iPhone screen of your device with others as well. The connection occurs through your iTools application installed on the computer. With the AirPlayer for Windows option, you get the opportunity to share the windows screen with other connected devices as well. AirPlayer download is the best option that you get with the latest version in iTools Download.
  4. iTools Download special battery master program offers you the ability to check out the battery life of your device. You just not get the battery life details; you get everything that is related to the health of the battery with fully charged cycles, battery health, design capacity, current-voltage and etc.
  5. Transferring the information from one device to the other is made completely simple with the iTools data transfer features.
  6. Bored being stuck with the same phone ringtone? Customize your ringtones with whatever you like using the iTools ringtone maker.
  7. The tool that manages all your files in the operating system. iTools file manager. You can edit, run, cut, copy, paste and so every other thing with regard to the files very easily.
  8. iTools icon arranger provides you with the ability to maintain the icons in your iDevice with ease.
  9. The iTools image tool is the one that provides you with the ability to preview images with original resolution in your device as well as to share the images between devices.

iTools features everything that is really required by a user to have a proper experience with his device. With this application you will definitely be able to love your phone for the extremely high price you paid.

What is iTools 4?

Without any elaboration, iTools 4 is an all-in-one utility for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Of course, this is the most excellent substitute for the Apple iTunes package. Using iTools download, users can manage media files and the entire iDevice by way of Mac or Windows. Heavy features that perform through iTunes will no longer knotty. And behind the usual feature list, there are plenty of stunning features that made it the best alternative among competitors. However, iTools 4 can install on your PC or Macintosh for completely free. It is a safe application for both the computer and your iDevice. iTools 4 Download is compatible with all iDevice models and iOS versions including the latest releases as well.

What can we do with iTools 4?

Smart backup and restore

iTools 4 let users create complete data backups easily than usual Apple iTunes and iCloud. And even restore the created backup will be safe and apt. You can simply select the list of folders and files that you longing to backup with a click. And even restore as well capable to accomplish with a click on the restore button.

File Manager

File Manager is one of the noteworthy features of iTools download. As it says, the key performance if the feature is supports the user to manage all those files and folders on the iPhone or iPad. If you feel those folders are not in good shape, the File Manager will support you to arrange them orderly. Or else, remove or add new ones to the list. So it is drag and drops as the feature to add new files.


The Airplayer of iTools 4 download is one of the most popular features because of its remarkable performance and support. In simple, it suggests easy methods to browse the web, play games, view/edit various types of documents, watch videos, preview images, and photos and even share the iDevice screen with friends.

Image tool

This is the feature that iTools download suggests for those who wish to manage their photo collection. Preview with their standard resolution is the key feature behind the Image tool. Moreover, share your images between devices and it does not matter to connect with a couple of devices at the same time. Arrange your collection according to various categories, arrange their folders, remove from the list or else arrange copies.

Ringtone creator

This is the unique feature of iTools 4 that the user can go through to create own ringtones. It can arrange your recordings either. This would be great for those who do not prefer default ringtones or else wish to check their creativity when leisure.

Battery Master

Battery Master is another remarkable feature of iTools 4. In fact, it is the feature that lets you get a complete report about the device battery conditions. Furthermore, Mfr, boot voltage, charged cycles, eclectic current, the design, temp, true capacity, SN, and voltage are some of those details that the report will unwrap. If you worry about its usage, this is the perfect point to control it and maintain it as well.

Icon Arranger

Icon arranger is a further unique feature of iTools 4. It is complicated to find out a certain app when there are many app icons on your Home screen. Therefore, using the Icon arranger feature, the user capable to arrange them orderly and set a tidy screen. The best part is you do not have to operate the device screen. You can connect it to the PC or Mac and use the wide screen to make it easier.

Data Migration

When it is about how to transfer all your data from an old device to another, iTools 4 download Data Migration is the best method. It supports any type of file in any size. Users can share PDF, video clips, audio tracks, podcasts, text documents and more as a bundle without waste your precious time.

Additional features

Apart from the above expansive features, there are some common additional features like the list given below.

  • Access your iTunes account
  • Upgrade or downgrade iOS versions
  • Suggest fake GPS location and check the actual place by resetting it
  • Manage both iOS and  Android platforms
  • Manage WeChat account
  • Optimize the device performance with a click
  • Wireless data management
  • Check crash reports
  • Make the iDevice into a portable disk

How to download iTools 4?

In the same manner, like iTunes, iTools 4 too can establish on Windows and Mac OSX. It is better to make sure that you are with minimum requirements. The tool for whatever platform can download for totally free.

System Requirements

  • Windows: Windows XP up to Windows 10 including Windows Vista (Compatible both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Mac: Mac OSX 10.8 or later
  • RAM: 256 MB or higher
  • CPU: 750MHz AMD, Intel
  • Disk Space: At least 50 MB

How to download iTools 4?

  • Prepare a PC or Mac
  • Search the web for iTools download latest version
  • Download the package for free
  • Go to the downloaded package and set up it by applying changes to the device hardware
  • The icon of iTools will arrange on your desktop

So you can click on it and launch when you need to carry out whatever task. Since the options list can easily find out from the graphical user interface, no need to go through special instructions.


What is iTools 4 English version?

In the beginning, iTools Download turns up as a Chinese application. But as a result of the urge of the community, it revamped as iTools English download. When you download the latest iTools 4, it will reach with simple English guidelines.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why iTools cannot detect the iPhone?

If it appears iTools 4 cannot detect the connected iDevice, the user should check the used USB cable, download the latest version of iTools or else fix the driver by click on the “iTools Driver Diagnostic” option. Or you may have to reinstall the iTools package completely.


  • How to choose the language in iTools 4?

iTools supports 7 various languages including default English and native Chinese. You can navigate to the options button on the top right corner and go to the Language option and select your preference.


  • How to download iTools 4 on my iPhone?

iTools can only install on Windows or Mac. You cannot install it directly on your iDevice. It just supports you through a properly arranged computer.


  •  What are the operating systems does iTools supports?

iTools 4 download is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows.

  1. Windows XP to Windows 10 including Vista
  2. Mac OS X 10.10 and 10.11
  3. Mac OS Sierra and Mac OS High Sierra


  • What are the packages we can buy?

iTools free, Premium and Platinum are the three current packages that we can purchase as we prefer. But the free package is the most popular installation for you can deal with maximum useful features. 


  • How long we can use iTools 4 free download?

If you need to check how long it remains, you can check it from the Options panel. It will clarify how many times you went through iTools 4 and how further you can remain with.

To check your status, go to the Options section > Activate. A new window will open and spell out your status clearly.


  • How to update iTools’ latest version?

When there is a new update, a window of “Update Announcement” will pop up when you launch the iTools user interface. Click the “Download” button on the new window to switch your current version to the latest.

Developer Credits

iTools 4 Download application is developed and offered by ThinkSky Co. Ltd. Therefore, all credits go to ThinkSky for bringing into pass such a shielding utility to manage iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. 

Complete Review on iTools 3 Version

iTools Download is the simplest and the most supporting program that assists you with the complete management on iPhone, iPod, and iPad without iTunes. In fact, iTools is the best alternative to Apple’s original iTunes leaving you with a better experience to overall iOS management. And that does not need any special requirements here to function and require no iOS jailbreak at all. So follow iTools 3 with confirmed stability and support. Having iTools will make your iPhone, iPad and iPod managed to its best with easiest approaches and supporting techniques. So why wait to grab the chance with iTools download?

iTools vs. iTunes

iTunes was first established in 2003 as the official iOS management program in targeting all the iPhone, iPad and iPod devices for all their management. But iTools was released in year 2011and has able to arrest more users. If you would like to know about how iTools Download has won more over iTunes, refer through the following facts.

Work frame:

iTools files manager is very supporting above iTunes. You can delete any file directly from iTools while iTunes required to access through the library. And for further, iTunes willing to delete illegal applications so easily from the synchronization process itself when it finds not compatible with the accepted formats. But here iTools is capable of sync into iOS jailbreak supported devices too and convert files to supported format rather than deleting.

Performing speed:

iTunes is a larger program than consumes more resources than iTools. So there iTools 3 can work speedier. And unlike with iTunes, you are not required to log into multiple accounts as once you are done installing iTools 3, it only makes you function it.

Work interface:

iTunes features a library-style interface and gives no access to drag and drop. But iTools comes in a window-style look where you can easily get into the functions. And luckily iTools Download supports drag and drop confirming that it is ideal for new users too.

Being more user-friendly and flexible, iTools 3 is now winning over iTunes. So if you are still with iTunes and not happy with what you get, it is the right time to move iTools Download. It is speedier, smarter and offers better support through complete iOS management.

What are the Best iTools 3 Features?

If you are not happy and feel comfortable with iTunes, the best recommendation is iTools 3 download. If you wonder why iTools Download free and no alternatives, here you are iTools features to know more about the program.

  • Super backup support- with iTools you can easily backup, safely restore and also clone any iOS device. And that is allowed through all data or through a selective set of data
  • Migrate Data- iTools supports the speedier data migration between devices supporting through all the file formats
  • Portable Disk- could make your iPhone or iPod into a portable drive
  • Application management- have complete app management by viewing and editing
  • Ringtone maker- you can create ringtones from your favorite audio files and apply them as original iPhone ringtones
  • Real-time Log – get all device system running log with iTools 3 real-time log feature to keep notice of the complete device status
  • File Explorer- gives complete control over the device files allowing you to add, remove, edit, locate, and do more
  • Desktop Management- this feature supports to drag multiple apps at once and locate easily
  • Crash Log – find what problems could put the device down by checking through crash log
  • Battery Master- you can keep your device battery healthy by looking at all the status including SN value, real capacity, temperature, charging cycle and more updates
  • Clear storage: with iTools 3 you can clear out junk file, cache and all unwanted data from the device for faster and better device performance
  • Upgrade iOS firmware – upgrade your iPhone, iPad, iPod to the latest available firmware with easiest approaches. iTools 3 will automatically find what latest iOS firmware is available to download on the device

How to Download and install iTools 3?

One of the major concerns of iTools 3 is user ease. So there is nothing much to take on iTools Download and install no matter what version you choose from iTools for Windows or iTools Mac. If you are ready to go, follow the steps in an orderly.

  • Check and confirm the support of iTools with your device and firmware
  • Download iTools 3 on the Windows PC or Mac
  • Use a proper USB cable and connect the device to the desktop
  • Wait and let iTools automatically detect the connected iPhone, iPad or iPod device
  • If you are successfully gained access to iTools 3, it is to have fun with all the features and functions

iTools 3 Download for Windows

iTools 3 supports through Windows with compatibility through both 32-bit and 64-bit. So you can connect iTools Download with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and up to the latest Windows 10.

iTools 3 Download for Mac

If you wish to manage the iOS device with the connection to Mackintosh, you need to be ready with Mac OSX 10.8 and above. Here you will experience the highest compatibility and success in connection to the program as iTools is made for the highest company with iOS and Mac OSX.

What are the pros and cons of iTools Download?

iTools Download lets you manage your complete device and keep everything organized. In fact, you can use iTools 3 to manage your files system, have backups, restore safely, synchronize the device and PC to the best, and take all the care of iPhone, iPad, and iPod. So in the overall consideration, iTools Download is full of useful features and functions.

Everything has both good and bad. So in concerned to iTools Download, you have more to talk about its benefits. But there are several drawbacks as well.

From the start of processing, iTools facilitates easiest techniques. But at some times you may experience a little lag in loading the features and different categories. This is one of the often reported issues with iTools processing. But you can turn it normal by resting the program for several minutes. And for more, we find iTools with less access to iTunes. So with further updates, we could expect developers of iTools Download to progress through.

Developer credits for iTools 3

With all progress going in the iTools company, we are to receive more iTools versions with better compatibility and support. We should give all thanks to iTools Thinksky for all the updates so far and all rights to free Download iTools 3.

Over to you

If you want clean and supporting iOS management through all your iPhone, iPad and iPod, there is no better option than iTools 3. So get the compatible version under iTools Download for your iOS firmware free and grab the best management support. And stay tuned to catch all the new updates under iTools free download to get the highest support through updated techniques. Have a happy iOS turn with trouble-free management!

How to get iTools download?

If you consider all those amazing iTools Download features that have been mentioned above, they definitely are a part of an attempt taken to make your life easy. Just like that, the downloading of the system is also pretty easy.

You have to initially prepare your personal computer. Then once installed in your computer connect your device to the phone with a cable and wait until it automatically detects your device! When connected; you get the chance to work with it as much as you like.

Must know pros of iTools Download

The features and the working manner and almost everything regarding iTools have been discussed. But the following are the main reasons that you should get it started in your iDevice as well.

  • With iTools you get to connect to the internet and search for lyrics.
  • The system is dedicated to free your phone from any kinds of junk files by converting all the mp3 files to m4r.
  • Supports devices that include iPhone 1, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and iPad 1,2. It also supports the iOS version 1,2,3,4,5.
  • No need to jailbreak your device to get it to function.
  • The app helps you to manage photos, books, and other file formats as well.

Well, everything is naturally bound to have both good and bad sides. But when it comes to iTools Download the bad sides are pretty negligible. But however here are those:

  • At times your iTools might function slow. Especially when connected with the internet.
  • You have less access to the iTunes store when you get started with iTools.

A few final words about iTools Download
the best tools kit you ever need

iTools Download definitely offers you with everything that you require when it comes to managing your iPhone operating system. It is an absolutely worthy decision when it comes to using the phone and its multimedia features.


The features that have been mentioned above are the latest ones offered to you from the latest update in iTools Download, but you should definitely keep in mind they give timely updates and hence always strives to offer you the best features and experience ever! Also, keep in mind that iTools Download is out of the way from the normal systems. The system is good, usable, and pretty amazing as well! So, leave all those second thoughts and get started with the iTools free today!

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