iTools AirPlayer is the latest edition of the iTools software brought to you with their latest version iTools 4. The system has been built to help the users mirror the screens of their phones to their computers so that they can easily use them. This feature comes embedded with the iTools 2022 but you can also download the AirPlayer for windows or your Mac computer as well.

iTools AirPlayer Download is the best wireless AirPlay receiver for PC/Mac and it’s only compatible with iOS 6 to iOS 12.

OS X 10.15 and above are not available.

System Requirements for iTools AirPlayer

  • Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11 (Compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Mac: Mac OSX 10.8 and above including Mac OS Sierra and Mac OS High Sierra
  • RAM: 256 MB or higher
  • CPU: 750MHz AMD, Intel
  • Disk Space: At least 50 MB
System Requirements for iTools AirPlayer

What is AirPlayer Download in iTools 4?

The word AirPlayer may sound pretty new to you but the term iTools is something that you are aware of, right? iTools is a file management system developed to simplify the lives of all iDevices including iPhone, iPod, and iPad users.

This special feature is developed to make it much easier for users to perform the activities that they usually do on their phones on a much wider and much easier screen; your computer screen. AirPlayer Download is compatible with all the iDevices that you use. So, there is no restriction on the use of this feature. The iTools AirPlayer supports game playing, editing, and viewing of documents, Web browsing, and the previewing of images.

Keep in mind that the in-built AirPlayer in iTools or the one you download over the internet is the same. You get to do exactly everything with this feature and it makes your life simple.

iTools AirPlayer Features

iTools 3 AirPlayer provides you with many interesting and attractive features. But with the development of the latest version of AirPlayer for iTools 4, it comes with more compatible and updated features for all users. Only a few have been mentioned above but it is really necessary to look into these very exciting features to completely appreciate the software.

Screen mirroring

Screen mirroring is one of the best features that you get with the AirPlayer on your computer. You can simply tap on the device and have your mobile screen mirrored in the computer in no time. No cables, no connectors, nothing is required!

Big screen experience

Have a good movie on your phone but is too bored to transfer it to the computer? Now you get to enjoy your digital data like videos, and images, and also play mobile games on your phone using a big screen. Do not worry about viruses in the computers getting into the phone. AirPlayer takes control of everything.

Screen recording

The screen recording facility is one of the excellent features given by AirPlayer. With this option, you can record anything on your screen and save it using the video format. This is a challenge when you need to record your mobile screen. You do not need to download separate software and can works properly when it comes to this. So, the AirPlayer offers you the best screen recording tool.

Remote control

Your phone can be used as a remote control by using AirPlayer. The screen on your PC connects to the device using Wi-Fi and allows you to access the screen in both ways. But your phone should be jailbroken to get this feature functioning.

Video streaming

Video streaming is another main feature that you get to have with AirPlayer in iTools. You can stream the videos on your iDevice through the computer thereby allowing you to get it working without the requirement of transferring the files. You get quick access to all your iDevice files on the desktop computer with the AirPlayer Download.

Why would you need AirPlayer in your iTools?

This is an absolutely useful feature when you want to show your mobile screen to a much larger crowd. You can use AirPlayer to do your presentations or screen your data when in meetings or simply for watching a movie or a few images with your friends on the big screen.

You are completely taken off the burden of having to share your files over a cable when in these situations. AirPlayer is the best alternative for Bluetooth but definitely a more advanced option than anything. But since iDevices lack the Bluetooth option as well AirPlayer answers more than just one question.

Another very important feature of AirPlayer is that you get to control the big screen using your phone as a remote. Imagine yourself being in a conference hall, sharing the phone screen and easily using it to show and highlight the facts on the screen. You get a projector as well as a remote controller all in one with AirPlayer for iTools.

How to Download iTools AirPlayer?

To download this free software, you have to visit the official website of iTools and visit the page dedicated to AirPlayer. You can choose between AirPlayer Download for Windows and AirPlayer Download for Mac. These are the two computers that are compatible with iTools AirPlayer free download software, hence make sure that you check out the requirements accurately before downloading.

When you select the version, you need from iTools software get your free copy and install it. Do not wait to get this amazing software that has been developed by iTools to make your digital experience much better!

Download iTools 4 offers the same high level of support as all iPhone models. It updates all versions of iOS. You can also get support for iTools to get the best iOS development for the latest AirPlayer iOS 15 version.

iTools is the one thing that works properly and provides you the ease of working with Apple devices. You get to manage files, copy and paste, and work with the system very easily with iTools 4.

Download Airplayer FREE for Windows and Mac

You can download the latest version of iTools Airplayer for Windows and Mac for free. All you have to do is select the platform you need to install AirPlayer on and click on the link to download Airplayer for your PC. We provide a link to download the latest version of AirPlayer for Windows and Mac.

iTools AirPlayer Download for Windows

The iTools download is available for the Windows platform as a free downloadable version. iTools runs smoother on Windows than iTunes, Apple's official iDevice sync app. ITools is provided with drag and drop functionality that does great file and data management.

Download AirPlayer for Windows

iTools AirPlayer Download for Mac

The iTools download is also available for Macintosh computers. On the Mac platform, iTools works better than Windows because iTools processing features are specially designed for Mac PC. iTools low power consumption to operate at 100% power. In the same way, this tool requires less space to store its application folder and data.

Download AirPlayer for Mac

What will you get by using iTools AirPlayer Download?

Well, are you still wondering why you need to have iTools AirPlayer Download on your device?

AirPlayer is a very easily connecting, super-fast, and easy-to-use application that allows you to transfer and manage your multimedia files on the go with no hustle. It supports you to use your phone and computer in a more meaningful manner.

These features are not limited to only your computer. You can share your phone image with any computer that has the AirPlayer software installed. Accessing your data on the mobile phone through your computer has been completely simplified with the AirPlayer download.

You may find some method to share the documents on your mobile to the PC with the use of a USB cable. But there is absolutely no software that supports the sharing of the mobile screen with the computer other than AirPlayer. Should we say more?

You should know that AirPlayer is as free as iTools. This completely useful and very advanced software comes with no cost at all!

Advantages of using the AirPlayer

The AirPlayer app is a snap-on application that allows you to manage your digital information on the go and share it with others on any device using AirPlayer software. In particular, accessing mobile data on desktop screens is simplified by downloading AirPlayer. There are many cases where you want to see your mobile information on the mainframe screen but you can't because you don't have the right kind of application at that time. This is where Airplayer comes in handy for accessing all your mobile data on your computer screen.

There are other advantages that this application will suggest to you apart from the ones mentioned above. Here, we are going to find more of its benefits.

Get the free version of this app on your device and enjoy all its available features. You will surely have enough time and fun with this app. You will have the most meaningful experience of your life after downloading this cool app.