What is iTools?

Every single user of iPhones or iPads knows how hard it is to use iTunes to control all the multimedia files. Though iTunes is a big part of the iDevices, it is necessarily hard to use it to manage and backup devices. If you have been using this software over the years you should be totally aware of how frustrating it is to use it. Since it is a very hard software people have been switching to Android. There are other alternatives to iTunes and iTools is a very special one of those.

iTools has been serving as an alternative for iTunes since a very long time and is helping people to manage the apple operating system. It is a complete file managing system that is one hundred per cent user – friendly and efficient.

To put it simple iTools offer the exact same things offered by iTunes but in a more convenient and much easier – to – use manner. This is the exact same reason why iTools fames ahead of iTunes.

What is iTools for Windows?

iTools for Windows is the Windows version made for iTools by the developers. It helps people with Windows computers and Apple devices to get their work done without any trouble. iTools for Windows allows you to manage your files and the entire operating system of the iDevice using the Windows platform.

This version has no difference with the other when it comes to the features that are offered by iTools. It consists of a very smooth installation procedure and is equipped with advanced features to help you with your work

Why should you get iTools in your Windows computer?

There are many things that you can do with iTools than just spending your time to manage your multimedia files. You get the opportunity to use it as an alternative to iTunes. It helps you to get your work done much easily while iTools offer you, even more, features that are not available in the iTunes store.

It allows access to the entire file system in your iPhone or iPad, thereby allowing the management of everything in a much easier and a sophisticated manner.

This is the initial version of iTools as well, as it was first developed to support Windows devices only. Hence you get the benefits of fast transference of data to and from each device. It also helps to backup your data. All these features that are offered by iTools windows will be discussed later.

If you are an iPhone user and have a Windows computer, you definitely should try out this iTools Windows version because it definitely will make your life easier.

What are the features of iTools for Windows?

It is not fair to call iTools great software because it is definitely much more than just great. It provides many features that are not available in any other software system that is available in the present.

Here are some of the most advanced features that are allowed to you by the iTools Windows software.

  • First and most importantly the iTools Windows is completely free. There are no secondary payments associated or upgrading or licenses required once you get started with it. It is one hundred per cent free to use.
  • And the second most important feature is that despite being completely free software iTools is not covered with advertisements as well.
  • With iTools Windows you get to manage your files, apps, songs, videos, and images in the iPhone using your Windows computer. This is done without the use of any cables or anything which is pretty awesome.
  • iTools is more user-friendly when compared with the iTunes version provided by Apple Inc.
  • You get extra options that are not available in iTunes when you are using iTools. For example, there are system clean up and backup tools which are much easier and straightforward to use.
  • Sharing the screen of your phone in your Windows device and working on it with the computer is a special feature supported by iTools. Despite being a local file management system, it allows you to use it as a screen sharing and screening and video playing software as well. With the help of this software, you can get much more things that are greater than file sharing done with ease.

How do you download iTools for Windows?

  • Is the computer compatible with the iTools Windows version that you are going to download?
  • Is your iDevice compatible with the iTools version that you are going to use?

Once you check out these things, there is absolutely nothing.

The following steps will work as an easy guide to get iTools up and about in your Windows computer.

  • Visit the official website of iTools or get the links to a trustable source of iTools download.
  • Select the appropriate version, MacBook or Windows.
  • Download the iTools and let the iTools download install its driver packages.
  • Connect the iDevice using an appropriate USB cable to the computer.
  • The tool will automatically detect your mobile device once it is connected to the computer.
  • Check the options that are given in the interface and try out the features!

What are the requirements to download iTools for Windows?

  • iTools is compatible with the following versions of Windows. Therefore, you have to make sure that your device is compatible with the software.
  • iTools have the following system and hardware requirements for Windows.
  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows 8 and Windows 2003 are supported by iTools, in both 32 bits and 64 bits versions.
  • The CPU should be 750 MHz AMD and Intel.
  • The RAM is required to be 256MB or above and you need a disk space of 40MB to completely install iTools on your Windows device.