iTools  Download for  iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro Mini, and 12 Pro Max is a small utility that lets you monitor your iPhone devices from your Windows/ Mac PC using an intelligent interface. The software allows you to upload pictures and manipulate your apps, among other items.

iTools will manage your files across all of your iPhone devices, including IBooks, photos, and other data. This software allows you to load, remove, and backup apps and files.

Users of Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch are familiar with the ability to navigate their smartphones via iTunes. Many users had issues with iTunes and have found a different way to do things. ITools is a platform application, and iDevice customers are now acquainted with it. Furthermore, as iTools releases the most recent year, iTools 2017 becomes iTools 2021. Yes, iTools provides an alternative way to configure the iDevice using a user-friendly, non-Apple interface.

The iTools 2021 for iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro Mini, and 12 Pro Max is available for free download, and the update is also ideal for smartphones if you have the new firmware and want to track your computer. To see how easy it is to use your computer, try out the iTools 2021 free download.

iTools Download for all iPhone 12 Series
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iTools Download 2021 Features 

ITools is one of the most user-friendly iPhone management software and a great alternative to Apple’s own iTunes. With this amazing free utility you can enjoy full management with the most essential features and functions. So knowing that you are so eager to get the facts, we bring to you the best iTools feature you would like to experience. So read on and get detailed guides.

File Manager – File transfer is an essential function of iTunes, and it’s now included in iTools as well. You will use this to better install the file system and access all of the files.

Data Migration – This is particularly helpful if you’re upgrading from an older system to a newer one. You can easily move all of your data to the new computer using this method.

Backup and Restore – ITools offers excellent backup and restore capabilities, including software backups. It also has the safest replacement facility for securely backing up anything.

Ringtone Maker – Another feature of the iTools platform is customization. You may use this one-of-a-kind function to set your own audio tracks as the original tone pattern and enjoy playing the songs.

iTools Battery Master – One of the most important things to remember when it comes to keeping your iDevice safe is the battery. So, with this option, you can get a closer look at the battery, with real-time feedback on the SN value, temperature, charge period, and actual power, among other things.

iTools Airplayer – This is important since it offers the strongest coverage for large-screen viewing. You can quickly share your screen experience with others using this helpful tool.

Image Tool – This program allows you to exchange photos between your computer and your mobile phone in the most efficient way possible. It also helps you to preview pictures in their original resolution and offers sophisticated editing capabilities. This functionality allows you to transfer images, uninstall directories, search for image files, and much more.

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