How do I get iTools on my iPhone?

Step 1: Open iTools and connect your iPhone with iTools. To start a fake GPS location, click the “Toolbox” and then the “Virtual Location” icon. Step 2: Enter the address or GPS coordinates you want to enter in the blank frame and click “Go”. Then you can start the fake GPS location.

Does iTools work with iOS 14?

iTools 2021 is computer-based software that you need to download and install on your computer. So you can not download it directly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Both Windows and Mac computers are compatible with installing iTools iOS 14 and you can get the direct download link for iTools iOS 14.

ITools Features Download iOS 14

  • Battery Master: This is the specific tool in iTools iOS 14 to manage the battery life of your iDevice. It gives you detailed information about the battery life of your device. You can then use them to manage battery life and reduce large battery drains on iDevices.
  • Ringtone Creator: A common problem with all iPhone users is that they do not allow you to change their default ringtone pattern without paying. Giving you a solution, iTools English Ringtone Maker lets you set any music file to your iPhone’s ringtone pattern for free. Under this feature, you can set the ringtone pattern on your iPhone completely for free with your favorite song, mashup, remix, recording, etc.
  • File Transfer Tool: File transfer is one of the key functions of using iTools iOS 14. It allows you to transfer files between your iDevice and PC using the drag and drop functionality. Both Windows and Mac computers are compatible with this process. You can transfer all types of files such as images, documents, PDFs, music, videos, audio, podcasts.
  • AirPlayer: This feature allows you to mirror your iDevice screen to the PC screen and enjoy mobile stuff on the big screen. With this feature, you can transport videos/pictures on the widescreen, browse the web, and play mobile games.
  • Image Tool: Download iTunes IOS 14 Image Tool lets you share pictures on your device with your computer. Additionally, you can preview the images in original resolution using the Image Viewer. Also, using this tool you can add, edit, sort, and delete pictures.
  • Data Transfer Tool: Normally, when you buy a new device, you transfer your important data from your old device to the new device. Thanks to the latest iTools iOS 14, you get a built-in data transfer tool for migrating data from one iDevice to another. With this feature, you can migrate all the data on your iDevice. This is especially important when you purchase a new iDevice and need a data transfer tool to transfer data from your old device to the new one.
  • Icon Arranger: Having too many app icons on the front screen of your iPhone is annoying. If you have hundreds of app icons on your iDevice, iTools 2021 Icon Arranger is the solution. This allows you to set up all the app icons on your iDevice.