iTools is the most convenient ioS management tool as the best alternative to Apple’s own iTunes. Having this amazing free utility, you can enjoy the complete management with the most required features and functions. So knowing you are so eager on getting the true facts, we here bringing to you the Best iTools Features you will love to have on your experience. So read on and get the comprehensive guidelines.

best iTools features

Best iTools Features to Enjoy

The latest iTools 4 brings the best features and functions to the user making it the most suitable tool version for all the device variants and firmware. To make you closer with the program and making you easier to decide why you should Download iTools, here we are bringing you the features one by one.

iTools Airplayer- this is important to have as this makes the best support for vast screen experience. Through this helpful feature, you can even share your screen experience with the others so easily

iTools battery Master- battery is one of the main things you should keep your eye on to maintain the health of your iDevice. So with this feature, you can take a closer look at the battery having the real updates to SN value, temperature, charging cycle, real capacity and more

Data migration- this is very useful if you are switching to a newer device from the old one. Through this, you can safely migrate all data to the new device in the fastest way

Backup and restore- iTools owns a very effective backup support including the application backups. And also it has the safest restoring facility to get everything safely after backup

Image Tool- this supports sharing images between desktop and mobile in the best way. Also, it allows to preview the images in the original resolution at the same time with advanced editing support. And you can also this feature to move images, delete folders, locate image files and more

Files manager- files management is one of the very important features coming with iTunes and also now in iTools. through this, you can properly arrange the files system and have all file management properly

Ringtone maker- customization is also another aspect highlights in the iTools work frame. With this exclusive feature, you are allowed to set your own audio tracks as the original ringtone and enjoy ringing

Like these, there are more options coming with the iTools making space for easier iOS management. So hope you had a great time with the Best iTools Features. Stay tuned for more.