If you like to keep your iOS device updated with time, you must also know about the importance of having a proper iOS management software to keep up your iOS run smoother. So knowing how eager you are to grab the next version, here we are writing to you with the update note of iTools 2019. If you are planning to have the best management experience throughout the coming year, here is our support through iTools.


As of this writing, iOS 12.1 signs through all 64-bit devices while iOS 12.1.1 is still under testing. So if you are on iOS 12.1 and looking for the best iTunes alternative to give all rights of management, here you can have iTools 12 the latest. It is updated under the major iTools 4 and will be serving with the best set of features and functions.

iTools Download through Windows and Mac

Just like iTunes, the program by Apple official, iTools also runs through the desktop. And thankfully, it is compatible through both Windows and Mac. But there is no solution to Download iTools in a mobile version which is free of PC involvements. In fact, this is truly a desktop supported program you can download and run for free.

Ready to welcome iTools 2019

With every operating system update Apple adds something new to the taste. So with respect to that, iTools also gets updated to serve best to the user. In that way, we could expect a lot of things and improvements with the upcoming iTools 2019 update. Just as to the progress so far, it seems the developers are having a major plan for bringing more improvements through this useful update. And this is the call to stay tuned to get with many more interesting features and functions above iTunes.

iTools Features to Highlight

Thanks to the constant updates by the team of the talented developers behind iTools, the program gets included with the most required features and functions. In fact, it is now supporting basic features like backup and restore at the same time offering exclusive customization opportunities. So having iTools, you can make your system files properly arranged, have the best themes and enjoy many more like never before through iTunes. And most notably, all these come for free and could be expected to be launched in an even more enhanced frame when iTools 2019 comes. So leave the complicated iTunes and turn in the iTools easier frame to have tireless iOS management experience.