iTools Guide

How to Use iTools

Welcome to the iTools Quick Start Guide. Here you can get all the tutorials on how to handle your digital content or apps between iOS devices, iOS devices & Mac/Windows directly. If your question or problem cannot be solved here, please Contact our support team (usually, you will get a response within 24 hours).

iTools Overview

iTools is a professional tool for iOS device content management. It can help users backup and transfer contacts, Apps, photos, music, videos, books, files, and documents from any iOS device to Windows or Mac computer in a few clicks and conversely.

iTools is compatible with all iPhone/iPod/iPad models. It can install on both Windows and Mac computers. Download iTools (iTools for Windows, iTools for Mac) to try it out.

This is a brief introduction of the basic function, the free content, and paid content of iTools. Here we also specified the way to set up an activation code.

Connect your device

Please start iTools on your computer. After successful installation, connect your iOS device.

By default, iTools can automatically detect your iOS device. If you have not connected your iOS device to your computer or your iOS device cannot be recognized, you will see "Connected but can’t recognize" on the interface.

Some reasons why the device is unable to recognize:

  1. Abnormal USB cable and interface. You need to change another USB cable to plug it back in or change to another USB interface.
  2. Drive component problems. You need to fix the driver.
  3. For any other problem, you can contact us to get it resolved.

Select Language

How to use iTools - Select language

Currently, iTools supports thirteen languages including Traditional Chinese, English, Russian, German, Italian, Korean, Turkish, Thai, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Vietnamese.

Device Information

Device: Detailed device information including memory and battery.

Apps: Check the App installed on the device. Update quick, install IPA (iOS application indicated to be installed on an Apple iOS device), and uninstall the app on the device.

Photos and Albums: Export photos and Albums, delete selected photos on your iDevice, make Live photos, and more.

Music: Import, export, and delete the music, make ringtones, edit voice memos, and so on.

Video: Export, import, and delete videos on your device.

Books: Import, export, and delete the content in iBooks on the device.

Information: Import, export, delete, and check all the contacts on your device.

File Explorer: Rename, import, export, and delete the files on your device. Work as a mobile hard disk drive.


How to use iTools -  iTools tool box

iTools Toolbox comes with mainly two features. Device Toolkits and Tools.

On Device Toolkits;

  • File Explorer
  • Battery Master
  • Mobile Storage
  • Virtual Location
  • Screen Mirror
  • Desktop Manager
  • Icon Fixer
  • Erase Phone
  • Console Log
  • Crash Reports
  • SSH Tunnel

On Tools;

  • Phone Transfer
  • iTunes backup Manager
  • Ringtone Maker
  • Video Converter
  • iTools Driver Diagnostic
  • HEIC Converter

Free content available and activation code setup

How to use iTools - Free content available and activation code setup

When you use the iTools free version, it will remind you how many times you could use iTools for free. And also how many times remains after you used. Hit on the “Purchase” button to purchase iTools from the website. Now you can enjoy all the functions of iTools.

But what if you already brought it? Please copy and paste the purchased activation code and click the “Activate” button.

If you successfully purchased, you won’t see the “Purchase” button on the top right corner of the interface anymore.

Wish you a lovely trip with iTools!

If you have any trouble while operating iTools, please contact us for solutions.