What is iTools 3?

iTools is a software that has been developed to assist you with the managing of files and others. It can be called a complete operating system management solution that is completely user – friendly and easy to function as well. It has been developed as an alternative to iTunes, which is the official version that is given by the Apple Inc. company. But iTools is equipped with more features and is more popular among people.

The main reason for this is that iTunes is focused on more techy people and follows a strict script when maintaining their functionalities. But iTools is rather a friend of the common people and has been developed to support anyone to get their work done easily.

The iTools 3 helps you to transfer files, copy and share documents, share movies and songs, backup and restore files and perform many other functions easily.

What are the compatible devices for iTools 3?

iTools 3 supports all iPhones and iPads that were released with the iOS 10 operating system. If your iPhone is equipped with iOS 11 or higher you might have to get iTools 4, which is the latest release of iTools which supports all iPhones from iPhone 1 to iPhone X.

How to use iTools 3?

iTools 3 is very easy to use given that it is built with the primary focus on providing user-friendliness to the users. You have to simply install it into the Windows device and connect the phone using a cable.

This is the only step that you have to follow to make it work. iTools 3 is built to automatically detect the devices that has been connected to it. Hence it connects to the device with ease. Once it is connected you can manage your files, change your files and get all the work done with ease. You definitely should try it out to know how good it feels to use software that helps you with the functioning with no extra work to be done.

Why should you use iTools 3?

If you are an owner of an Apple device you must have definitely come across instances where you needed to work with iTunes app or at least manage your systems files and stuff.

How difficult was it? Were you able to get all your work done easily? Did it mess your head?

Well, the answer is certain for people who are not used to working with high tech devices. iTunes is apparently made up for people that are used to working with technical devices.

iTools is the one thing that actually works properly and provides you with the ease of working with Apple devices. You get to manage files, copy and paste, and work with the system very easily with iTools 3.

What are the features of iTools 3?

There are many other features that are provided by iTools 3 other than the ability to manage your files.

Here are some of the most interesting features that you get with it:

  1. Ringtone maker provides you with the ability to customize your ringtone and set one that you would love. With this feature of iTools you do not have to stay stuck with the boring ringing tones that are provided by the apple.
  2. App management is the fundamental use of iTools given that it allows you to delete, remove, drag, uninstall and run apps with much ease.
  3. Data migration is another feature in iTools that gives you the capability to work with the files in your iPhone with ease. You can transfer the files or share them between the two devices with no connection at all.
  4. Well, the no connection feature is almost the winning feature in here. You need no data cables or any physical connection between the two devices where iTools have been installed. The connections are automatically made.
  5. Optimize your phone with the help of iTools by cleaning the junk and removing any of the unwanted files that are piled up in the internal memory of your device.
  6. You can protect your phone screen to the computer desktop and start working on your phone using the computer
  7. You get to copy and paste and transfer images between the two devices which the iTools have been connected.
  8. Backup, restore and delete any files in the iOS system with ease.

How to download iTools 3?

You can easily download the iTools 3 versions on your computer. You have to first search for the iTools older version on the internet. The most trustable source to get the perfect software is the official website. Keep in mind that the older version is compatible with Windows devices only. Therefore, you will have to have a Windows computer to get iTools 3 working.

  1. Check the compatibility of your devices with the iTools 3 version.
  2. Download the software in your computer.
  3. Connect the iDevice to the computer using a proper USB cable.
  4. Allow the iTools 3 software to automatically detect your iDevice
  5. Start having fun with it!

What are the features of iTools 3?

iTools 4 is the latest version that has been presented by the iTools developers and it is mainly targeted to function in devices that are made with the iOS 11 and 12 versions. This does not mean that it will not work on lower versions as well. If you were wondering what iTools 4 have above iTools 3 other than the compatibility to iPhone X then here they are.

  1. AirPlayer feature which is the latest addition supports you to screen and mirror your iPhone display in the computer.
  2. The battery manager is developed in iTools 4 in order to allow you to take steps to control the battery performance as well.
  3. The image tool is also much more advanced when it comes to iTools 4 given that it allows the sharing of full quality images with no change in the resolution between your devices with ease.