ITools is a tool to manage all your iOS devices in the same way as iTunes, but it does get rid of other annoying features of the Apple program and add some new and interesting options. You must first connect all your iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, iPad) to your computer to start using the program. Once connected, you can easily manage all the content in half the way between the versatility of iTunes and the simplicity of Windows Explorer.

From the app’s various windows, you can manage your photos, music, and apps; Easily transfer them to your machine, delete and rename them. Of course, you can get a general look at your device and check how much space is occupied or free. All the information displayed on iTools is somewhat similar to the information on iTunes, but it comes with a bonus of simplicity that many users will appreciate. As if all this were not enough, the app does not require any installation, so you need to start it and you’re far away. 

ITools is a very interesting option for iTunes, the main advantage of which is that you can take it anywhere and use it from a flash drive without installation.

What are the common features?

The best part about using iTunes is providing all the features and functionality of iTunes. Once you start using this tool, you no longer need to access iTunes. The software is much easier to use without a complicated interface.

Compared to the default iTunes app, iTools for PC comes with various enhancements. For example, you get detailed information about individual apps installed on your Apple device. Additionally, you can uninstall or back up these apps from your smartphone or tablet with one click.

Also, with the drag and drop interface layout, iTools ensures easy and convenient management of media files. In a matter of seconds, it can convert MP3 files to MP4 and transfer them to your computer without a hitch or crash.

How To Download Free iTools iOS 2021 Update

The iTools iOS 2021 update comes with new features that help you get a better management process. We now know that ITools is a simple and powerful tool that can easily manage the media, iBooks, pictures, and other files on your iDevices. Also, iTools is a more user-friendly, informative, more dynamic, and easier-to-manage tool than iTunes. So it is better to get your iDevice through iTools iOS 2021 Mac or Windows PC help. Visit the official website to download iTools iOS 2020. 

ITools Download 2021 About

Every Apple customer is familiar with the iTunes application on their mobile phones as an iOS management process. However, iTools is an optional file as well as an application manager for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Yes, iTunes 2021 is the best option for iTunes, the default file management tool. As you already know, iTunes is an easy file manager for your Apple device. iTools is one of the best file management software introduced by Apple. It also comes as a better file to transfer media data to your iOS device such as documents, photos, music, videos, messages, etc.